Candida And Diet 101

Haven’t you noticed that almost all of us live a “sinful” eating habit? It’s quite easy. You do prefer steaks over salads, right? How about that blueberry cheese cake over that yogurt for dessert? Did I mention double pepperoni and cheese over some veggies? Fact is we crave what is almost unhealthy for us. Most of us are voracious eaters and don’t really care what we put in our mouth at times. If we do, it’s because we’ve been diagnosed for an ailment after leading a life of carefree eating. Candidiasis is one ailment that hits the gluttons of eating. Do not laugh as this isn’t a ludicrous statement. Some of us have it without even knowing it. See a doctor.

Candidiasis is a fungal infection that encompasses both superficial and systemic. Candidiasis superficially will cause inflammation and discomfort but what really is the alarming type is the systemic type as this is a potentially life-threatening disease. Symptoms of such vary depending on where is the affected region. Candidiasis can be treated with drugs, pills and creams. What will be asked from you though is a 360 degree lifestyle change. This is unfortunately a must for people suffering from such.

Like many serious ailments, Candidiasis will demand that you eat the right, healthy food and lead a very healthy lifestyle. Say goodbye to guilty pleasure like chocolates and booze. Say hello to yogurts and the like. Vegetables will be an integral part of the diet though not all are given the green light to be munched on. Starchy vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, peas and etc should be avoided. Other than the aforementioned, almost all vegetables are good for the diet. This will suck mold and sugar and starve the fungus of the regular diet that feeds it as they are also low in fat and calories. Vegetables should be taken raw and fresh. This is a good source of dietary fiber and will give us all the extra energy we need for our daily tasks. Protein is also a part of the diet. Beef, chicken and fish are a healthy source of protein. Where is pork? Pigs usually eat dirty things. Enough said.

Honeydew Fun Facts & Nutrition

Honeydew is a variety of muskmelon, considered the sweetest of all melons. They’re also called winter melons because they’re harvested late in the season, peaking during late summer, fall and winter, though honeydew is available almost the whole year round. Most of our U.S. honeydews come from Arizona, Texas or California with imported melons from Mexico taking up the slack during winter months.

Where did Honeydew originally come from?

No one is exactly sure the origin of honeydew but Persia is named the likely humble beginnings for this succulent melon. Columbus carried honeydew seeds to America and now it’s one of our favorite melons behind watermelon and cantaloupe.

Findings About Goji Berries

Goji berries are also known as wolfberries. Some people even mis-spell it as gogi berry. It is a sweet-taste, dark-red coloured dried fruit, and mainly comes from north-western part from China. It has been grown and consumed in China for a few thousand years. In the first instance, Chinese medicine believes it acts on liver and kidney channels and enriches yin. So it is a common practice in Chinese medicine to prescribe it to treat liver, kidney, or eye diseases, along with other herbs. On the other hand, Chinese people also consume it in their day-to-day lives, because they believe this red coloured berry can keep them healthy, young, and energetic. This fruit has been eaten as raw, as goji juice, as goji wine, as herbal tea (e.g. with Chrysanthemum), with yogurt, and with cereal etc etc.

Nutritional aspects

Goji berries are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth! They contain:

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Acne can be caused along with a number of factors including improper cleaning which ends up in clogged pores. Over cleaning strips skin of essential oils and can stimulate overproduction of sebum, natural skin oil, from sebaceous glands.

Many Skin Care products require only simple ingredients contained in your household. Making your own masks and scrubs gives you clean, soft skin with little impose. You can make a cooling, tightening mask from aloe and cucumber. Blend about half a medium or the actual small cucumber with one aloe leaf. Spread the amalgamation over your face, neck or any area oodles of flab . to indulge. Allow the mask to dry down to 30 minutes and rinse off. For a daily exfoliating cleanser, use a spoon of whole oats and a strawberry. Process in a blender or food processor chip. Scrub it gently over your face and clean. You can also that natural exfoliating scrub with regards to your whole body-just increase each of oats and berry.

Once the actual body scrub is rubbed in and rubbed. A blast from the shower will wash away all those dead cells leaving epidermis refreshed. Facial exfoliating wants a gentler wash with lukewarm water- and be sure you dont get those particles with your eyes- too annoying!

How To Practice Yoga Properly

Practicing yoga and meditation can benefit us, both mentally and physically. Healthy relationship through yoga and meditation is achievable. When you start practicing yoga, you learn how to respect your body, learn important of being fit and healthy. With this, one learns the importance of respect which is important in healthy relationship. If you are new to yoga, here are some specific yoga meditations you can do:

1) Sit or lie down and become aware of your body: You can do this meditation either lying down on a flat surface. If you are lying on the surface, relax completely and loose your body. Take lots of deep breath. Close eyes if you wish.

2) Follow your energy throughout the body: Begin with your left foot, become aware of it. Be aware of your toes, ankle and foot.